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At 97.1 The Fan and 1460 ESPN we offer full-service assistance to every client of our station. Unfortunately, not every client allows us to provide the type of service that truly maximizes their investment. It's possible some of these advertisers have been burned in the past by media vendors who were all too content to "take the money and run" -- even though they knew their medium wasn't a good fit for the needs of the client. After that happens a few times, a company tends to keep media vendors at a safe distance (from their wallet.)

You'll find 97.1 The Fan and 1460 ESPN operates with a very different philosophy. We'll walk away without your order if we're not convinced we can help you achieve your objectives. Our loyalties belong to the companies who do business on Main Street, not the analysts doing business on Wall Street.

Over time, as we earn opportunities to build your trust, you'll discover that the people of 97.1 The Fan and 1460 ESPN will be counted among your most valuable business allies. 

The advertisers who consistently get the best results using our services call on us early in the process and let us in on the big picture. They are open, forthcoming, and candid with us about their challenges, concerns, frustrations, and opportunities. They provide us with broad access to their people, their operations, and their data. They know our goal is to work side by side with them to generate ideas and implement solutions. These are the clients we value most because they are the advertisers who derive the most value from our relationship. 

We won't ask you for an appointment without a valid business reason for doing so! A reason that is in YOUR best interest, not just ours.

office 14When you agree to meet with us, we won't show up with frivolous questions -- we'll be prepared with meaningful questions that will allow us to learn how to best help you achieve your goals. Some of the queries may be unfamiliar to you, and you may have to get back to us with some of the answers (these aren't the typical "salesy" questions you've heard from other media companies!) Your candid responses and your willingness to provide access to others in your organization who can tell us even more (and from different points of view) will result in our asking the right questions in advance of your campaign launch, increasing the effectiveness of our efforts from the start (rather than waiting until the end and trying to figure out what went wrong.) 

We won't ask for your business unless we can help improve it.

Call it a mission statement if you like, but you'll soon recognize it as an action statement. Our goal is to help you solve some of the most important challenges your business faces. Equalizing customer flow across your entire week, sell-in and sell-through, building store traffic, and increasing your collection of qualified leads. Whether we're helping you maximize a competitive advantage or mitigate a perceived disadvantage, we're here to help you capitalize on the fluid changes in the marketplace and tune in to the needs and preferences of your customers and prospects.
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Our communication with you doesn't end when the advertising sale has been made. We want to build a relationship between your business and ours. Any sale along the way is merely an incremental part of growing our partnership. It's one of the reasons why after each campaign has concluded, we'll want to schedule another important meeting with you: to discuss your Return On Investment. Because we've discussed your expectations in advance, this gives us an opportunity to evaluate whether a campaign or promotion has achieved the level of success you desired. It allows us to repeat and build upon the good things, and to correct or avoid the things that didn't work so well. This process helps both of us discover ways of making the next campaign even better.

Don't be surprised or offended if we turn down your business.

It's not enough that WE make a profit in our relationship. We insist that YOU make a profit, too! Our most successful client relationships are built on a win-win standard. These partnerships are characterized by mutual accountability. We fully expect you to hold us accountable for what we do, and we'll hold the same expectation for you. We will not knowingly allow you to invest in a program that won't meet your expectations. Win-win isn't a clichéd phrase for us. It's a win-win or walk away. 

You'd expect a company to turn down your business if THEY couldn't win, but at 97.1 The Fan and 1460 ESPN we'll turn down your business if YOU can't win. So, if we do turn down a piece of your business at one time or another, please understand that it's not that we don't want you as a customer. It's simply that we've carefully built our reputation for success, and we just can't afford to have you fail on our station.

RadiOhio and its stations do not discriminate in advertising contracts on the basis of race or ethnicity.  Any provision in any order or agreement for advertising that purports to discriminate on the basis of race or ethnicity, even if handwritten, typed or otherwise made a part of the particular agreement is rejected.

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